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Geospatial Alpha Invests and Advises in PNT and spatial technologies.  We are interested in complex patterns of life and patterns of activity across all physical domains, stretching from sub-Earth, to terrestrial and maritime, to near and deep space.  We are experts in sensor and signal technologies, and their nexus with AI, computervision, space, robotics, and nextgen computing.

What People Say About Us:

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Ben Wilson

Geospatial Alpha has been a valuable advisor and has been particularly helpful in scoping new market opportunities for geospatial data and in delivering important insights for Ray20, an Acubed project at Airbus. They have deep technical knowledge on raw data transformation and an acute understanding of customer and market dynamics which they translate well to actionable strategy.


Dr. Yvonne Lutsch


Geospatial Alpha have impressive deep technical expertise in positioning and localization technologies, and strong grasp of the complex challenges for integration in autonomous vehicles and mobility systems for today and into the future.

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Dr. Sreeja Nag

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Geospatial Alpha has a conspicuous ability to penetrate emerging technology trends including autonomy systems, and capture their geospatial implications and potentiality. Looking forward to collaborating on spacecraft autonomy and Earth observation.

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Gianluigi Baldesi


Geospatial Alpha has been a valuable advisor to ESA with insights and recommendations on attracting private capital to the European Space Sector.  Todd has also been a valuable resource as an advisor and mentor to several of our ESA BICs and their space-connected startups.


Nidhi Gupta

Geospatial Alpha has been a great supporter and advisor to Portcast. They have a great network and understanding of the maritime and geospatial space and have been really helpful in connecting dots wherever they see the synergies. It's rare to see advisors like Geospatial Alpha and they will be an asset for any investor or startup.


Edmond Boulle

Orbital Witness.png

Geospatial Alpha has been a highly valued advisor to Orbital Witness, helping my co-founder and I (both first-time founders) to navigate a series of typical early stage business challenges. In particular, they made their VC experience readily available to help us equip ourselves well at investor meetings and created a framework that helped us to better compare different pricing models.


Ahmad Gharanjik


Geospatial Alpha is an important resource and valuable confidant and friend to Databourg. From strategic planning to business model refinement to venture capital guidance, we are excited to have Geospatial Alpha help us navigate these challenges.


Junwei Liang


Geospatial Alpha has provided valuable information from industry in discussions with me on location prediction and geospatial applications. The Scholars Program at Geospatial Alpha has been an eye-opening experience and a wonderful connection for me. I'm happy and grateful to have received this guidance.

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